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Graphic facilitation

As experienced, neutral third-party facilitators we work as a team to graphically facilitate meetings and workshops that provide vision, focus and alignment. We are Rob and Laurie Benn, working together since 1998 as the Positive Culture Company. We continue to find our work stimulating, engaging and highly effective for moving people from DIALOGUE to ACTION!

Since 1998, we have been growing our business in all sectors including not-for-profit, corporate, institutional and government in Alberta, Western Canada and beyond.. 

We WELCOME new Clients. Please, give us a call to discuss how we may be of service to you – call Laurie, Rob or Melanie @ 1-403-526-1616.  Or, send an email to >< and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Based in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada we serve mostly Western Canada and we love to travel.

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Why use Facilitators?

Neutral, third party facilitators, facilitate meetings and workshops, so that everyone attending can relax into the custom-designed processes and activities and be fully engaged, knowing that the meeting will be kept moving along at a reasonable pace, important information will be recorded and everyone will have a chance to participate and be heard.

Why Use Graphic Murals or Visual Processes?

We have found that People respond positively to visual processes and when those processes are done well  they make a lasting impression in the memory of participants. The long term memory of the event can be further boosted by supplying participants with printouts of the process visuals   

The human mind is wired for visual stimulation and our brains use visual cues to store and retrieve  information. Using visuals helps people communicate, participate and be creative together.  Visual records respect the work that has gone before and allow people to see and share their info.

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